The Problem:

The service operations division of an American Fortune 500 manufacturing company has service facilities all over the world. These facilities did not have a mechanism for documenting and tracking whether the physical appearance and processes in each service location were in compliance with corporate standards. Also, the company needed an application to manage projects post-assessment, and share best practices across its global locations.

The Goal:

Create a customized system that would track the service operation team’s specialized method of assessing a service facility, let the team create action items coming out of an assessment, and track those action items to completion.

How We Solved it:

Using React, C# / .NET Core, and postgres, EduSource created a web application, similar to a Learning Management System (LMS) to capture, report, and analyze project and post-assessment work, and to identify non-compliance and best practices.

We provided access and editing based on defined roles within each branch location, country, and region. Dashboards are available for users with multiple locations to view progress at an aggregate level. We also created a working document for branch locations to track progress, by giving multiple users the ability to edit the same assessment.

To enhance the user experience, EduSource included the ability for photos to be added to observations in an assessment for visual documentation and explanation of an issue or best practice.

Beyond the assessment itself, we created a project management tool that organizes all action items coming out of an assessment. This includes timelines, statues updates, and notes from bi-weekly conference calls.


The service operations team now has an application to assess their global locations under their corporate guidelines, while leaving the management of those facilities to the countries and regions where they’re located. They can use photos as visual representation of issues and best practices that transcend language and culture. And dashboards that give users the ability to visually track progress at all levels of the organization.

The company has currently rolled out this application to 10 countries, with many more in process.