How can we help streamline your business?

Since we’re a custom shop, if you dream it up, we can build it. But here are a few areas of expertise:

Application Development

Have a tired Excel spreadsheet or Access database that needs to be turned into an application to be accessed online? That’s our sweet spot. Let us guide you through the entire software project life cycle, from front-end User Experience to the back-end data model.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data used correctly can help businesses gain valuable insights, make important decisions, and share progress with stakeholders. We leverage various reporting development tools to help you determine how to get the information you need from your data. We can develop custom dashboards, build data warehouses, or add reports to existing systems.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a way to delegate labor-intensive, repetitive, rules-based computer tasks to digital bots, freeing up the human workforce to solve problems and innovate. RPA bots can interact with almost any system or application or website in the same way you do, as long as the process follows business rules.

Mobile App Development

Our team has expertise in building native iOS and Android mobile apps. We develop your mobile web apps as either stand-alone applications or apps that integrate with existing systems. Have an idea? Let’s explore it today.

User Experience

Baked right into any software experience at EduSource is an analysis of User Experience. Before our developers ever touch their keyboards, you’ll work with a Business Analyst and a User Experience Expert to produce high-fidelity mock-ups of your software. 

Legacy Software Support

Is your business is dependent on legacy software? If so, we can support existing systems and incorporate new features as needed. If you decide to replace your legacy system, we are happy to help you figure out how to do that too. Use our EduPoint model to purchase points every month for use as needed. 

SaaS Product Development

Turn your Software-as-a-Service idea into reality with EduSource custom software. Build a reoccurring revenue model, in which other organizations pay you to use your software idea.

Enable™ Consulting

Enable™ is an accountability management system that trains leaders, teaches a model, and provides the structure for daily operations. Bring every member of your company into alignment with your strategy, and execute like the market leader.


Business Systems Consultation

Let us dream with you about how technology could change your business. Our expert engineers and analysts are trained to help you think through process improvement and new product development. Let’s plan a Discovery Session.

Does your business need a custom software solution?

Let’s talk. At EduSource, your initial consultation is always free. So why not sit down with an EduSource team member to talk over your dreams?

It can be hard to describe what you need. Here are a few case studies of projects we’ve completed to jump start your brainstorming:

Case Study: Cleaning Data Through Machine Learning

The EduSource team was tasked with finding ways to connect disconnected student records, then train an algorithm on machine learning to sort through sample data and identify how to recognize duplicates.
Read more here

Case Study: Interpreting Medical Data

The EduSource team was tasked with creating a risk stratification pool for an insurance provider based on demographics, behavior, and past health history. The goal was to determine the list for referral to additional government assistance.
Read more here

Case Study: Customized Management System

The service operations division of an American Fortune 500 manufacturing company has service facilities all over the world. These facilities did not have a mechanism for documenting and tracking whether the physical appearance and processes in each service location were in compliance with corporate standards. Read more here.

Case Study: Parsing Data

An Indianapolis-based nonprofit that regulates student athletes receives student transcripts from high schools around the country. The transcripts contain the required information, but in thousands of different formats. As a result, employees had to enter the documents into a database manually, costing the company hundreds of man-hours per week.
Read more here